7 Poker Etiquettes for Every Beginner

Any poker player starts with the basic rules of poker and slowly progresses their career towards becoming a professional. However, no player can be a professional unless they truly understand the world of poker. The pros follow a discipline that every enthusiastic poker player should follow. Here are the poker etiquettes that every beginner should learn about.

Pay attention to the game

You must always pay attention to what is happening at the table. You should know when it is your turn, so you never act out of your turn. Avoid using your phone or talking to the waitresses when everyone is waiting for your move. If you are too distracted, it is better to leave the game and come back when you are ready to play again.

7 Poker Etiquettes for Every Beginner

Do not tell your cards

Do not tell anyone about your cards until the showdown. If other players know about your cards, they can use that information to counter your next moves. There is no reason to show your cards any time other than the showdown. If you want to fold, simply slide your cards face down towards the dealer.

Do not splash the pot

Another bad habit of avoiding while playing poker is messing with the centre of the pot. Do not throw your money into the pot. When you decide your bet, place the chips forward on the table, and the dealer will count them to accept your bet. If you throw the chips directly into the pot, it will be hard to tell how much you have a bet. You can get questioned for doing so.

Be respectful

Always pay respect to your fellow opponents, the dealers, and the waitresses. Even if you are on a losing streak, you must remain calm and keep up with your game. If you run out of your daily quota, thank the dealer and give your best wishes to other gamers. Do not be a sore loser and ruin your reputation among other pros.

Show the cards to all

Do not create movie suspense by revealing your cards to the person on your left and hide them from the one on the right. You must reveal your cards for the entire table. Do not try to make one opponent feel lucky about seeing your card. You will end up offending everyone else on the table.

7 Poker Etiquettes for Every Beginner

Tip the dealer

Tipping the dealer is one of the important etiquettes while playing the game. It is a gesture to thank them for hosting a good game for everyone while they are paid minimum wages for their work. Appreciate the efforts of the dealer and also the waitresses. Chances are you will feel luckier after tipping and have more free drinks coming towards you.

Do not over celebrate

Be a gracious winner by not over-celebrating your wins. If you celebrate too much, you only make the experience worse for the players who have just lost their money. Appreciate everyone at the table and tip the dealer to show that you are happy.